RFU Coach Licence Scheme

All RFU level1/2/3 qualified (or past equivalent) coaches who are registered on Rugby First and have uptodate contact details and a current CRB will receive an email inviting them to apply for their licence from the 18th January.

The RFU Coach Licensing & Registration Scheme

Coaching is central to developing, sustaining and increasing participation in rugby union.

High-quality coaching drives better performances and helps guide player improvements in technical, tactical, physical, mental and lifestyle skills.

Poor quality coaching has the opposite effect – leading to players leaving the game, or being placed in unsafe environments.

Coaching qualification courses have been, and still are, a key coach development tool, but their prime focus is to train and accredit (where appropriate) a coach against a set of competencies.

Equally important is the need for coaches to undertake regular training that maintains the currency of their coaching knowledge and skills.

The RFU’s Coaching Department is committed to supporting the development of coaches through the provision of a range of short courses that will be delivered at a local level.

Coaching is defined as “The guided improvement, led by a coach, of sports participants in a single sport and at identifiable stages of the participant pathway. In rugby union, a coach will be defined as, “anyone responsible for, leading or facilitating the optimum improvement of a rugby participant at any stage of their development”.

What does it mean to me as a coach?

All club coaches who attend and achieve either a Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 qualification will be granted a coach licence, subject to a satisfactory CRB check and their agreement to comply with the Coach Licence Terms & Conditions.

How will it work?

The licence will last for a maximum of three years from the awarding date, or until the CRB check expires, when a coach will be required to reapply for their licence.

All coaches will be registered on the ‘RugbyFirst’ database and their attendance and involvement in courses will be tracked through the system. Licensed coaches will receive a personalised coach licence identity card which will give them access to a range of benefits.

(please note: on inital application the licence will be aligned to your CRB expiry date)

What if I’m already coaching?

Existing qualified club coaches are invited to apply, free of charge, for a coach licence. In all cases coaches will be granted a coach licence, subject to a satisfactory

CRB check and their agreement to comply with the Coach Licence Terms & Conditions.

What if I don’t have a coaching qualification?

The scheme will make provision to grant a licence using ‘grandfather rights’ to existing unqualified coaches on the production of suitable coaching curriculum vitae.

These coaches will be required to attend the IRB safety course, Rugby Ready, and become qualified to a minimum of Level 1 during the first year of their licensing and registration period.

How do I renew my licence?

In order to maintain your licence to coach, you will need to attend a minimum of three RFU approved CPD courses over the three year licence period. Your attendance on these courses will be recorded on the RFU central database.

These modules of Continuous Personal Development exist in almost every occupation. In simple terms, it helps to maintain a currency of knowledge and skills.

The coaching award courses or Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 form the basis of assessment for a coach against a set of national competencies. This is often termed ‘vertical coaching development’ with a focus on the skills of coaching. However, some coaches may not be suitable or have the inclination to attend the next level of award qualification. Therefore, to help a coach to continue to develop the RFU have developed a range of CPD courses.

This programme of short courses will help to establish the needs of the coaches (technical, tactical, physical, psychological and lifestyle knowledge, plus coaching skills) relative to their role and level of expertise in coaching. This means that even if a coach wishes to remain at Level 1 or 2, they can still continue to develop their coaching knowledge and skills. This is often termed ‘horizontal coaching development’.

A number of full-time staff and volunteers are trained to ensure these courses can be delivered as locally as possible, ensuring travel distances are minimised, and costs are kept as low as possible.

For further information on the scheme or for Havant RFC coaches to update their coaching details please contact Darren Kingham-Scott (Club Coaching Coordinator) via ccc@havantrfc.co.uk