Havant AXV 96 – 0 Fareham Heathens II

A friendly fixture this week, so a chance to blood a new player or two. With quite a few of the squad out of action this week there was one or two positional changes!

Havant took their brand of attacking Rugby to the heathens to rather good effect. A try by try report is virtually impossible with 13 tries – all but the very last one converted by Centre Bradley-tut tut!

Tries were scored by debutant Jules on the wing taking a classy run down the wing, decent check before pacing the outside, Luke Barfoot taking a restart and running the 3/4 of the pitch for a show off solo effort, a very greedy hat trick for Mike Issit, playing no 8 before having a spell at inside centre, a brace for wing Jon Neil, another brace for captain pete, one for vinnie, one for buffalo Nick Wren on a welcome return, i’m getting hazy now, i think ali hire got one, erm sorry, but 13 in total anyway…

Prop Mike Clarke caught an unfortunate boot to the face and had to reluctantly retire without scoring – later to receive 11 stitches and now has a lighting strike scar to the forehead so is now to be known only as the wizard. Get well soon Wizard!

Mike Clarke’s war wound

Man of the Match

Lots of good work again, hooker Darren Clarke playing flanker was excellent in support all around the park, Luke Barfoot similarly was very strong and supported very well but we couldnt split it this week, for his bullocking runs a welcome return to the buffalo Nick Wren and for his sniping, tacking and great play drafted into scrum half Ali Hire

Nick Wren + Ali Hire

Well done gents!