Sandown II 15 – 22 Havant Axv

Havant travelled to Sandown on the Isle of Wight for a top of the table clash which would give Havant, Sandown and Winchester equal on points with havants impressive points advantage putting us top of the league.

Havant conceded an early penalty to give sandown the first points. Strong pressure gave Havant good field podition to run a set piece backs move straight off the training paddock in which James Sutton produced a sharp cutting run to wrongfoot the defence and go in and make it 3-7. Havant conceded two penalities in kickable positions which Sandowns fly half duly converted to make it 9-7.

Sandown pinned Havant in our 22 but caprain Pete Living decided against the kick to get quick ball through the hands. James Sutton in the centres took a great step from the drift to burst through the defensive line, a hard fend stopped the second line defense before he powered round the fullback to score in the corner,a classy and strong run that gave Havant back the lead 9-12. The next phases of the game were filled with errors and penalties which gave Sandown more opportunities to score, but only two were taken with Havant’s single penalty earneing 3 points so 15-15 with 20mins to go!

Rich neil picked up from a ruck to sprint blind beating the winger. Jack sykes was in support to collect from a simple 2 on 1 to make it 15-22- a much needed score.

Havant then defended with real heart to close out the game which was disappointingly ended from a cheap kick to the ribs of our winger, which rich neil to exception to! The sandown boulder faced prop then went swinging in to lead to mass handbag swinging and the ref blew the whistle to end the game.

To sum up, the game was very scrappy, too many mistakes, too many penalties but it was heroic and gutsy and we showed real heart. We scored when we needed to and made the last ditch tackles when needed to. Considering the obvious nerves from a must win game it was an epic nail biter and the whole team were delighted to get the win!

Man of the match

Heroics all round but the backrow were the stars of the show, with hard hits and solid defence meaning sandown left tryless. Could have been any of them but just edging out Mike Issitt and Nick Wren with his awesome display all over the part is:

Greg Williams

Well done Greg!