Havant 5 -22 Teddington

Havant Ladies V Teddington Ladies – 15th September 2013

1st League game of the season saw Havant travel up to the outskirts of London to face their opponents Teddington.

We started strong with good defence.  The pace was fast but Havant Ladies kept up the stamina.  Our first strong hits came from Foxy and Verity which set us up fot the Match.

After  came off with an injured hand so Becky Tuck came on as winger, despite this being her first ever rugby match, she started with a streaming tackle on the try line.  Unfortunately Teddington Ladies managed to score a try and conversion opening the board to 7-0.

Havant didn’t let this affect their performance and with some massive tackles from Alice Jennings and some good driving for Becky Tuck, we managed to make some ground.  Teddington fought forward and managed to score another try.

Teddington continued the battle and scored another try making the score 17-0.

The backs had a good game and with Josie Gittoes’ good runs along with Netty Petleys hard hits we were putting up a fight. Verity Driver had a brilliant chase when the ball went long and passed out to Kirstie Hopkins who kicked it into touch.

Sophie Bambridge made some impressive tackles despite her fear of playing after 5 breaks to her leg last season.  Teddington got close to scoring again, however Netty Petley was on the ball and kicked the ball up the pitch – giving Havant Ladies a chance.

The determination and hard work from all the team players paid off when Kara Palmer broke through and scored a try making the score 17 – 5.  Kirsty Hopkins took the conversion but unfortunately missed.

Alice Jennings received the ball clearly from their kick and made good ground.

Val, also her first ever game, made another hard tackle and showed Teddington we were up for a challenge.

Mel Woolmer came on to replace Ceciele in the pack and made a storming tackle to show the Teddington Ladies we meant business.  Melissa Woolmer played a fantastic game and gained a lot of ground at a lot of breakdowns.

Josie Gittoes went to Hospital with a suspected broken arm leaving the ladies to play a game with only 14 players.

Unfortunately despite our best efforts Teddington managed to score a third try but missed the conversion ending the game 22-5.

Although not a win for Havant the Ladies they played exceptionally well and held thir own against a side that had finished 3rd in this league last year.



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