Havant Ladies – 10 – 12 Trojan Ladies

Havant Ladies V Trojans – 24 November 2012

Havant travelled to Trojans in the pouring rain for what we knew was going to be a tough match.  Following a spate of injuries Havant went into the match with only 15 players and one sub returning from injury.  However, the knowledge that the Ladies play best under pressure meant that they would go into this match wanting a win.

Trojans scored first and converted they Try, Havant Ladies fought back strongly and Kara Palmer escaped the Trojans defence line on the wing to score Havant’s first Try.  Although not converted this gave the ladies the opportunity to come back against Trojans and show them that they were dominant in the game.  Trojans were obviously struggling to cope with the pressure put on them by Havant as they continued to make mistakes leading them to give away penalties throughout the first half.

There was some excellent play from the Ladies, notably Tina Lowe who went on to receive the forward of the match, who made some amazing tackles. Roxy Arnold was also appeared to be at every breakdown, and Cécile  Mayonove who was returning following a broken ankle.

Following a period of time in defence Trojans managed to break through and score another try, not converted this time.  Havant came back with vengeance and put up an amazing battle and came back with another try bringing the score line to 12-10.

Havant Ladies continued to put pressure onto Trojans however they were unable to break through and score the much needed 3rd try.  Despite the score and the Ladies experiencing their first loss of the season they were without doubt the most skilful team.  They played as a team safe in the knowledge that Trojans will visit Havant for the return fixture  and Havant will show that their standard of play is far higher than today’s score line.

Forward of the Match – Tina Lowe

Back of the Match – Hannah Roberts.

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