Havant Ladies 25 – 14 Maidenhead

Havant V Maidenhead

Havant Ladies travelled to Maidenhead looking forward to playing the only team that defeated them last season and prevented them from getting a 100% record.  All the girls felt that they needed to win this match to show the ladies from Maidenhead that they were the better side. Maidenhead has recently had a new artificial pitch installed which would be a new experience for the ladies so a lot was at stake for the Havant Ladies. During her pre-match talk Sophie Bambridge – Captain said that Havant have made Maidenhead look better than they actually are in previous matches and this was something we shouldn’t do today.

Havant Ladies were clearly felling the pressure and allowed maidenhead to put the first points down and score and convert a try.  Following this Havant ladies took possession of the ball and nearly made the try line, however a tackle from maidenhead prevented Jay (14) from scoring.  Havant then gave away a penalty and it looked like Maidenhead may get another try however this was deemed held up by the Referee.  Havant Ladies took this opportunity and applied a good level of pressure against Maidenhead and following a big Tackle from Monster (1) the ball was passed to Hannah (7) who scored Havant’s first try.

Following this try Havant took full control of the game and following another try by Hannah and one by Kara (11) Havant ended the first half leading with a score of 15-7. Unfortunately before the end of the 1st half Zoe Star maidenheads number 10 suffered a broken forearm, the only serious injury of the game.  Thanks to Havant Ladies physio Chad for attending to her while waiting for the ambulance.

The second half started with another try by Havant bringing the score to 20-7, however Maidenhead made headway and manage to score another try and conversion bringing the score to 20-14.  Throughout the second half Havant showed real dominance and held the maidenhead Ladies back from scoring further.  They used real skill and determination knowing that another Try from Maidenhead could change the final score to a loss for Havant.  However Kara managed to secure a final try for Havant ensuring their victory.

Havant Ladies knew this was never going to be an easy match, they knew they would have to fight every step of the way for their victory which they did.  Despite being a little nervous and unsure of themselves at the start of the match they ended it proving they were the better side.  Mike Hudson, Maidenhead coach later made a comment to his team stating they should be proud of the score saying that it was a tough game against the best side in the league.

Forward of the match was awarded to Hannah (7) for her two tries and commitment to the game, back of the match was Hannah (10) for her continued high standard of play.

The ladies next match is against Barnes at Home on the 21st October kick off 2.30.


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