Ladies 12 – 10 Newbury

Sunday 6th October sees Havant Ladies playing away to Newbury Ladies for a 3pm kick off.

The Mach started with pace and in the first minute Newbury were offside giving Havant the advantage in the first scrum. We saw good pressure from Havant and with a long kick from ASBO we gained ground.   Some really hard tackles were made by Jade Fawshaw and newbie Val.  It was clear at this point in the game that Newbury Ladies had met their match.

It became a game of scrum after scrum but the forwards didn’t back down.  The strength of the pack was excellent and there was a good drive from all. Cecile made some excellent drives in the mauls and held the ball gaining good ground.

The game was being played in the middle of the pitch and neither side was willing to give up. Unfortunately there was a knock on from Havant giving Newbury the advantage in the scrum which they won however monster broke through and created a maul which was advantageous f to Havant.  The ball came out and was picked up by Jade who gave a steaming run but unfortunately she was brought down and an injury to her ankle (sprain) meant she had to leave the pitch.

The pace of the game picked up and it looked as though Newbury were about to score, However Havant Ladies persisted and held the ball up past the try line and the score remained 0 – 0.  This happened again following a scrum to Newbury but Netty managed to kick the ball up the pitch into safety.  Havant Ladies were not prepared to give up and this was evident when Sophie Bambridge made a steaming tackle causing Newbury to knock on the ball.

Only 20 minutes into the game and already the most exciting game of the season so far.

Newbury made it to the try line however it was again held up by Havant however despite a massive effort the ball was lost to Newbury and they managed to make the break and score a try.

After an encouraging team talk at half time the Havant Ladies were more determined than ever and heads were held high. Unfortunately the Newbury side made a lot of ground and managed to make it over their try line.

So, 10 – 0 down but Havant Ladies did not want to be the only Havant RFC side no to win this weekend.  Although we saw some fantastic runs and hard tackles of the new winger Foxy she had to come off with a broken finger, which meant Josie (although injured herself) “took one for the team“ and came on as full back. Within her first minute she made a speedy run and was there to receive the ball, she ran good lines and got the ball out to Sophie Walker and then to Kara who scored a well-deserved try for Havant.

10 -5 to Newbury and its feeling like Havant still have it all to play for. We showed Newbury that we meant business, Cookie made some hard tackles and verity was knocking them down like dominoes!

With such good team spirit the Havant side were looking tidy and professional which paid off when Jade intercepted and stormed through and made a run for it cheering herself on as she crossed the line and scored under the posts. ASBO went on to convert perfectly leaving the score 10 -12 to Havant ladies.

The last 10 minutes of the game were hard to watch.  Newbury Ladies really did have a good Stamina and fitness that Havant Ladies competed with. NO one gave up and both teams fort to the end but fortunately for us the whistle was blown for full time and a big roar of excitement boomed as Havant Ladies realised they had just won their first game of the season.


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