Ladies 34 – 15 Portsmouth Valkyries

The Ladies first home league match against Portsmouth was the first real local derby the ladies had taken part in and were aware from the onset that this would be a tough game.  Portsmouth were demoted in leagues last year and Havant promoted therefore the ladies were aware that they would not have the experience on the field that Portsmouth were going to bring to the match.    Havant were lacking substitutions and some new and inexperienced players in the pack however what they knew was that if they played as a team and held their heads they would be able to offer a strong opposition.

In the first 10 minutes, Portsmouth dominated the game.  Havant took injuries keeping the ladies physio Brad busy eventually leaving them with just 14 players on the pitch. (Portsmouth were asked if they would match numbers however they chose to continue the game as their team stood.) Havant calmed down and found their well acknowledged team spirit and inner strength that they have always been known fo.  They pulled it out of the bag and with scores by Kara (15) Kirstie (6) and Jay (12) and then a conversion by Kirstie (6) brought the score to 17 – 14 to Havant by the end of the first half.

At the start of the second half Portsmouth came back with an added aggression and gained 7 points, quickly followed by Havant scoring again and bringing the score to 21 – 22. For a short period of time Havant went down to 13 players but still managed to hold their own.   At this stage Havant’s fitness levels began to show against Portsmouth and they continued to put points on the board. Havant showed a high level of technical skill and played the second half  in the dominant position on  the field and the game ended with a score of 34 -21, showing that despite the rain, wind and a reduced number of players they were still able to pull an outstanding result out of the bag.

Without a doubt Havant Ladies are now established as the top ladies team on the South Coast and I was exceptionally proud to call myself their Manager.

Maria Gittoes

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