Kyle MacDonald – Player Profile

 Name:                 Kyle MacDonald                             

DOB:                     19/11/1989

Place of Birth:     Portsmouth                                     

Position:             Full-back/wing

Height:                5ft 9inchs                                         

Weight:               13st 11lb


  • Previous Clubs/School:  Portsmouth RFC


  • What do you do for a living? Retail manager

  • How long have you played with HRFC? 9 years but took 3 years out

  • Age You Played Your First Rugby Game And Who For: 11 for Portsmouth RFC 

  • Who is your favourite rugby player of all time, and why? Jonny Wilkinson for his passion towards the game

  • What is your memorable rugby moment? Playing for Hampshire under 20s in Chicago for a 7s tournament 

  • Who is your funniest team mate, and why? Josh Blackburn because of the things he comes out with!

  • Name 3 people you would invite to dinner: Jonny Wilkinson, The Queen, Jimmy Carr

  • Favourite Quote/Saying:  We ride together we die together bad boys for live 


  • If You Were A Film Character Who Would You Be And Why?  Kuno Becker from goal as i love playing football 

  • If You Could Turn Back Time And Witness One Event, What Would It Be?   The 1966 football world cup see England win

  • Which Teammate Is Most Likely To Spend Longest In The Shower? Lewis Osborne

  • What Is The One Piece Of Advice You Would Give To Children Playing Mini And Junior Rugby:  Never give up on your dreams