Loz Blackburn – Player Profile

Name:                    Loz Blackburn                       

DOB:                      27/07/85

Place of Birth:       Portsmouth                         

Position:                 Centre/Wing

Height:                    5” 9                                       

Weight:                   90kg


Previous Clubs/School: Royal Navy


What do you do for a living? Royal Marine


How long have you played with HRFC? 22 years


Age You Played Your First Rugby Game and Who For:  6 for Havant RFC


Who is your favourite rugby player of all time, and why?   Jason Robinson, because of the ability he had to change a game in a second with one of his blistering line breaks and top class finishing.


What is your memorable rugby moment?   Scoring a hat trick at Home v’s Beckenham in 2013.


Who is your funniest team mate, and why?   Pat Gains, because of his rubbish banter.


Name 3 people you would invite to dinner:   Holly Willoughby, Keith Lemon and Kelly Brooke.


Favourite Quote/Saying:    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Winston Churchill


If You Were A Film Character Who Would You Be And Why?   The Mask, because we have to P.A.R.T.Y coz I gotta!!


If You Could Turn Back Time And Witness One Event, What Would It Be  D-Day Landings. 


Which Teammate Is Most Likely To Spend Longest In The Shower? Josh Blackburn


What Is The One Piece Of Advice You Would Give To Children Playing Mini And Junior Rugby:   “Work on the core skills as much as possible because they are what make good players Great!!” 


Which Cartoon Character Would You Like To Have A Date With?:
Lois Griffin