Niall Copeland – Player Profile

Name:                 Niall Copeland                      

DOB:                    27/09/85

Place of Birth:  Ballymoney, N Ireland        

Position:            Lock

Height:               193cm                                    

Weight:              100 Kg


  • Previous Clubs/School:   Dalriada School, University of Bristol RFC,Royal Navy, Ballymoney RFCBallymena RFC,Calgary Canucks


  • What do you do for a living?    Weapon Engineer Officer, Royal Navy


  • How long have you played with HRFC?   Re-joined this season, first played for Havant 4 Years ago (Sep 09)


  • Age You Played Your First Rugby Game And Who For:    6, Ballymoney RFC Minis


  • Who is your favourite rugby player of all time, and why? Willie John McBride – A hard working, charismatic and determined leader, regarded as the greatest Lions captain and is a true Ballymena Legend.


  • What is your memorable rugby moment? Scoring a try on my Royal Navy debut versus the Royal Australian Navy at Brickfields Plymouth.


  • Who is your funniest team mate, and why? Eneko Ansoleaga, whether he means to or not everything he says is hilarious – he is also the hairiest man in the world!


  • Name 3 people you would invite to dinner: Edmund Hillary, Henry Morton Stanley, Father Ted


  • Favourite Quote/Saying: We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”


  • If You Were A Film Character Who Would You Be And Why? Marty Mcfly – Simple, he got to drive the DeLorean (NI’s only production car)


  • If You Could Turn Back Time And Witness One Event, What Would It Be? November 9 1989, Tearing down of the Berlin Wall


  • Which Teammate Is Most Likely To Spend Longest In The Shower? Luke ‘Hollywood’ Barfoot


  • What Is The One Piece Of Advice You Would Give To Children Playing Mini And Junior Rugby?    Enjoy what you do, rugby is for everyone


  • Which Cartoon Character Would You Like To Have A Date With? Chetara (80s Thundercats)