Sam Woodgate – Player Profile

Name:                 Sam Woodgate           

DOB:                   10/08/89

Place of Birth:    St Mary’s Hospital      

Position:             Winger/where needed

Height:                6,1-6,2                           

Weight:               15.5 stone


  • Previous Clubs/School: none 


  • What do you do for a living?  Painter & Decorator


  • How long have you played with HRFC?  This is my 3rd year


  • Age You Played Your First Rugby Game And Who For:    22-HRFC


  • Who is your favourite rugby player of all time, and why?    Too many to remember…


  • What is your memorable rugby moment?  When Justin chased a guy down the whole pitch and  got the ball from the guy kicking it up the pitch


  • Who is your funniest team mate, and why?  Grant  he is just a funny man can all ways put a smile on my face


  • Name 3 people you would invite to dinner:  Grant, Justin, Pat


  • Favourite Quote/Saying:  Grant:  he’s got loads of them!


  • If You Were A Film Character Who Would You Be And Why? Batman: he gets nice cars, saves the day and has loads of money


  • If You Could Turn Back Time And Witness One Event, What Would It Be?  England winning the Rugby World Cup! I watched it on TV but being there would have been amazing!


  • Which Teammate Is Most Likely To Spend Longest In The Shower? Grant coz of his hair


  • What Is The One Piece Of Advice You Would Give To Children Playing Mini And Junior Rugby:    Everyone has a bad day but pick yourself up and  keep working at it and you will get better!


  • Which Cartoon Character Would You Like To Have A Date With?:  Betty Boop